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Our mission is to feed the world healthy, authentic, and delicious food experience that will inspire the mind, body and soul.

The story of Yalla Fresh pursuit of clean eating goes back to the kitchen of Chef Ronen and his health coach wife Marcia, where the commitment to fresh, non-GMO, non-pesticides food has been filling the air with aroma of exotic spices and incredible flavors. This is also the origins of the Magic Hummus, our small catering operation that for the last 10 years delivered a fast-casual Mediterranean experience like no other in events all over the US.


Partnering with local communities and charitable events has been in our blueprint since the start of our culinary adventure, donating proceeds and giving away free foods for charity. Yalla Fresh initiative of supporting and collaborating with the community to promote and educate healthy lifestyle is one we take very seriously.


Our promise is to source the very best ingredients we can find to deliver a quick and healthy culinary experience at an affordable price. The restaurant’s vibrant design cultivates the vision of the co - founders Ronen Yur and Idan Mitchel—one of a simple, yet modernly elegant environment. Inspired by the rich flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean, Yalla Fresh’s always fresh ingredients are the heart and soul of its entire concept.

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